Backpacking Jogjakarta, Indonesia

I want to share my journey as a backpacker to jogjakarta for 3 days and 2 nights.

1 st day :  Prambanan
Arrived at 05.00 AM from Bandung used KA Lodaya Malam.    From Malioboro(not far from Statiun Tugu) to Prambanan used Trans Jogja 1 A. After 2 hours in Prambanan,  I went back to Malioboro to find a hotel for next night because at that night I stayed at my friend’s house.
2 nd day : Malioboro, Kraton, tamansari, parangktritis.
On this day, travelled around Malioboro, Kraton and tamansari. And at 03.00 PM, I went to Parangktritis.

3 td day : Malioboro, Borobudur
On this day, at 10.00 AM, from Malioboro to Terminal Jombor used Trans Jogja.    Then I continued to Borobudur by Public BUS. At 03.00 PM, I went back to Statiun Tugu. And at 09.00 PM Back to Bandung.

Thanks to:

1. Bayu Kaunang and family for your guide and home.
2. Ihsan Rivano for your Camdig.


5 Responses

  1. Nice journey Bang Fer. By the way, how much did it cost you for all days you’d been there?
    Don’t forget to take me in your next trip, okay?

    PS: How about our plan to have an English Day on Fridays? When would we start applying it?

  2. @tyas
    I spent about Rp 400 k, nice trip. I hope someday we can travel with whole of haruman.
    English day on fridays…???I just wish it…

  3. Ado ang blog yo.. ndak ngecek2 do..
    Tambahan den ciek di blog roll…

  4. 400k??????
    are u sure? how did u do that?
    do u mind to share all the details?
    coz im planning to do the same thing at november. But i never thought i could do all those trip only by 400k

    • @Duzock
      yup. 400 K.
      It depends on you. I always used public transportation (Trans Jogja) and stayed in hotel near Malioboro.
      KA BDG-JKT-BDG 180 K
      Hotel 1 night 100 K …
      have a nice trip…:D

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